Our scale / miniature.. truck models

our ” Rynart ”  Trucks …made in …scale / miniature, by TEKNO  and WSI…..Scale truck model factories,  in the Netherlands.

they made several trucks   from us, and you can buy  them…via the Websites of Tekno and WSI……. I dont sell them….but most older scale trucks are already sold out…only the last new are still for sale.

here some examples,  later will follow more….. ( this link is still under contruction )


We have also some nice small videos, on  the  ,,Youtube,, website….of our trips from Holland to Pakistan, and Kazachstan, etc.

you can easy type :    ,,Rynart Karachi Express,,    for the video trips to Pakistan

you can also  type :  ,, Rynart Extreme Trucking,,   for the video trips  to Kazachstan…in wintertime…very cold.

and on Youtube you see also some other nice videos, of our ,,Double Trailers,, driving in Russia, etc.  and   ,,trips to Afghanistan,,